Artist Bio

The divine duo of “6&33” was formed by rapper B. Simmons and singer Maria Ave’ in November 2012.  The group strives to be different besides the fact that one’s a rapper, and the other a singer, one’s a male the other a female, or they glorify God in their music, is, they are also want people to experience the power of God through their ministry.  They first met in high school in September 2002. B.Simmons has been writing music since the age of 11, while Maria Ave' has been singing for as long as she can remember with her sisters.  B.Simmons featured Maria Ave' on her first studio song,"EVERYTHING", in 2010, and wrote her first solo song, "IT'S ALREADY DONE" in 2011. The idea of the group being formed first surfaced in conversation when the two “solo artists” thought of forming a label in the future.  They agreed to call the label 6&33 music; referring to Matthew 6:33-Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you.  The two have based their personal and professional lives around Gods’ word and they believe the scripture is their foundation for all things.  After doing numerous mix tape recordings together in Oct. 2012, the two artists decided to do a promotional cd together and call themselves,”6&33”.  It began as an idea until they truly committed to it in Nov. 2012.  “6&33” hopes to be an example to young adults around the world.  They've been nominated for a Rhythm of Gospel Award in 2014, Nominated for (4) Radio Alliance Awards in 2017 and Nominated for two Prayze Factor awards in 2017, winning one (Urban Contemporary Artists of the Year)and have released their debut EP, "Set Apart" (Available on music page). The group is also nominated for 8 awards for the 2018 Prayze Factor Awards! The group also hopes to be a testimony to the world that Jesus is a healer, a savior, and a life changer.  They hope to make good music that all can enjoy and relate to.